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Claim Information

Available Claim Forms

To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

If you are reporting a claim during regular business hours, please call our office at 706-866-8570.  After business hours or on weekends, you may wish to report the claim directlly to the company at one of the numbers listed below.
  24/7 claims reporting: 866-747-6917 (GA)
View claims numbers for other states
  24/7 claims reporting: 800-375-2075
Report a claim online

24/7 claims reporting: 800-527-3907
Report a claim online

  24 hour claims reporting:  800-445-3030
Auto glass claims: 800-951-9734
  24/7 claims reporting: 800-854-6011

24/7 claims reporting: 800-274-4499
Report a claim online

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